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Freeholder/ management company ingnoring fra issues since 2019

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I live in a flat that i own the leasehold of. There have been two FRAs one in 2019 and one in 2021, i had the local council conduct one when i moved in last April. There are issuses some notified as urgent and some lesser ones but all are being ignored. When i asked the local council if they would enforce the issue's he also reported, he said there was nothing they could do. So who do i go to to take action against the property management company .... or whats the point of FRAs

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It all depends on what is stated on the FRA, some are notes and nice to haves and there is no legal requirement to complete them.  I wouldn’t have thought that a MMO would have ignored that considering they could charged you the cost + to complete the works.

If you have serious concerns take the FRA to the local fire station and ask them

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If it's in the FRA it would relate to common areas for which the Local Authority does not have jurisdiction (they cover inside dwellings)- the Fire & Rescue Service are the enforcing body via their Business Fire Safety department (not always the local station as they may not have a base there).

Anything serious that could lead to a danger of death or serious injury would attract enforcement action if not completed. They will not be bothered about lesser breaches which, whilst the risk assessor has to correctly identify to make their assessment legally sufficient, aren't severe enough to reach the enforcement threshold.

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