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Evacuation via kitchen

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Small, first-floor flat consists of a kitchen / living room and a small (windowless) bedroom and bathroom.

There is a single exit from the flat, via the 4x4m kitchen / living room. 

To  exit the flat from the bedroom and bathroom (which is adjoined to the bedroom), it is necessary to pass through the kitchen / living room. There is a total travel distance of about 7m.

The door from the bedroom and the exit door are both on the other side of the kitchen / living room, so no need to pass directly by the kitchen oven / appliances.

The kitchen / living room is fitted with hard-wired heat detection (so more time for the fire to develop, than smoke detection).

Is this acceptable? I'm particularly worried if the resident is in the bathroom during a fire in the kitchen.


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Obviously outside the scope of fire safety legislation being a private dwelling, but it appears it's a version of the below - although if only first floor and under 4.5m then means of escape windows would be adopted as a second escape.



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