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School Science Rooms


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Could someone please confirm if there is anything written with regard the fire doors and compartmentation in school science rooms.

The classrooms are clearly using gas and chemicals, obviously under supervision.

However the compartmentation diagrams have not picked these area up and as such the doors to these classrooms and those in between the classrooms are not managed as fire doors.

From what I have seen it seems to be best/good practice, but cant find anything in print.

Thank you

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How old is the school?

Schools Fire Design Guidance (originally BB7 for decades, currently BB100) is quite clear.

A lab did not need to have fire doors in older versions of BB7, only the (higher risk) technicians room. If however the lab was on an initial dead end corridor or onto a stair or stair lobby then it did need a fire door, just as any room other than a toilet did.

BB100 & the latter versions of older guidance requires them to be fire doors.

I've done a fair amount of school fire work including advising on compartment boundaries - the requirements on doors and walls are quite relaxed for schools.

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