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Multi Storey Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection Required

Guest Lee

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Hi everyone,

I have a client that has recently had a large (over 400m2) 3 storey mezzanine floor installed to his warehouse. The columns, beams and underside of the floor is not given any notable fire protection measures with the exception of a commercial grade sprinkler system. The floors also have 2 x 60 minute protected escape stairs with dedicated exits at ground level. The question I have is, would the sprinkler system constitute a sufficient fire protection measure in the eyes of the fire service to enable them to conduct firefighting operations if there were a requirement to go onto the mezzanine floor in a fire situation, or would the columns, beams and underside of each floor require additional measures such as a suspended ceiling, intumescent paints etc? 

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If this went through a Building Control body and was accepted as is then it's deemed compliant for fire service facilities - these are provided by the Building Regulations process and not fire safety legislation so no additional measures can be enforced purely for fire service use.

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