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flat entrance doors in maisonette properties

Guest liam

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was hoping to get some advise on the below

with the new fire safety regulations coming into play earlier this year I've been trying to find information on requirements for maisonette flat entrance doors

I have a row of maisonette flats above some ground floor flats that are all accessed via a shared raised open air walkway. under the new regulations i would class this area as a communal space putting them within scope however as these flat entrance doors open onto the elements I'm a bit unsure if fire rated doors are required. just wondering if anyone can clarify what the regulations now require for a building of this design or perhaps people have had a similar issue?

thank you

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On 24/04/2023 at 19:34, AnthonyB said:

If escape is only in one direction in open deck housing then front doors would still need to be fire doors. If there are two stairs so you wouldn't need to pass the flat on fire they generally don't

thanks for getting back to me on this Anthony

now that you have explained it i can understand why their not required on properties with multiple escapes, thanks for putting my mind at ease i can take some off my hit list!

i can see why they would be needed in properties where their is one direction of escape however most properties i have come across of this style all most always seem to have a window that is also on the walkway, most tend to have a kitchen or living room facing the front. a fire door would improve the compatmentation but it wouldn't fully address this problem. id be more comfortable referring to guidance but information i can find regarding this property style seems murky which surprises me as their must be 1000's across the country 

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