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who is responsible for fire safety assessments?


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Hi, I live in an apartment block. There is an OMC and management company.

Who is responsible to carry out regular fire safety inspections? The management is not doing it and I don't know if my apartment (mainly the fire doors) are compliant or need to be updated.

Thank you

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The management company on behalf of the OMC, who have the legal responsibility and liability. Even with a building less than 11m they are responsible for assessing the suitability of flat front doors, the only difference for higher buildings is there is a set inspection frequency as oppose to a risk based one.

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thank you. I think my door is not compliant, I'm trying to find out and I'm willing to make it right at my expenses, but if in the meantime something happens I don't want to be considered liable.

Should I tell the management company or is that just going to look for troubles as we should have said it earlier?

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