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Door closer regulations circa 1998


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I am a leasehold flat owner. The flat is a purpose-built three storey block and I am on the first floor.

Our managing agent has scheduled a visit for somebody to verify the flat entrance doors for fire safety regulations. They have specifically mentioned intumescent strips and door closers.

I am not the first owner, but certainly since I’ve been here, there has not been a working door closer.

Looking into the door frame, I can see that there is a concealed closer but seems it has never been fitted properly since day one! It is not even as if it has been removed later - there is no recess cut into the frame and it looks to have been painted over from the start.

I’m guessing it always had the intention to be fitted, because the door latch is of the half turn type so that you wouldn’t get locked out when the chain closes the door.

My neighbour opposite also has the same setup - no recess in the frame.

My question is - regardless of whether such a closer is now non-complaint, would there have been a regulation which was breached when these flats were built (circa 1998) and signed off?

My neighbour informs me that the managing agent have told him that a closer was probably not required when the properties were built?!

I would like to be prepared with any information that may help me, rather than the managing agent fully pointing the blame at the residents.

Many thanks for any advice in advance.



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The requirement for some form of self closer dates back to 1962 so that get out is a dead end. Unfortunately building standards in the last 25 years have dropped somewhat and it's entirely possible the building was passed whilst non compliant (which is why building control sign off isn't a defence against fire safety compliance issues - Grenfell Tower was passed by building control)

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