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Door from garage to conservatory

Peter M

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We have a garage personal door leading to the garden, not a fire door.

We propose to build a conservatory off this garage which will have doors to the garden and also into the house via the existing back door.

As the conservatory is not "habitable space" do i need a fire door at all?

The back door is not the sole means of escape from the room it leads off of.



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See Approved Document B for the current building regulations at https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1124733/Approved_Document_B__fire_safety__volume_1_-_Dwellings__2019_edition_incorporating_2020_and_2022_amendments.pdf   Table C1 Page 139

It seems the question would be 'does your conservatory form part of the house?'



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Thank you Neil Ashdown.

Yes I agree, unfortunately they fail to actually define dwellinghouse in spite of using the term frequently!

My opinion is that as my conservatory is exempt from planning and building regs (Because of it's size and location and that I am retaining the existing final exit door from the house) Then it would be classified as non-habitable space and therefore not part of the dwelling.

I may be wrong of course!

In reality this space will be a boot room and somewhere to dry the dog after a muddy walk.

The existing door into the garage is a steel security door and while not technically a fire door it certainly would contain a fire but probably not smoke.

There is also a 100mm step up on leaving the garage.


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