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Multiple door questions - converted mill.

Guest Tommy Johnson

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Guest Tommy Johnson


I've spent the last few days trying to educate myself on fire door regulations, this site/forum has been a great help.

From what I have read I have a few concerns regarding the newly converted apartment we purchased in April 2021, that is within a grade 2* listed mill.

We have an entrance lobby area within our apartment that has access to the lift.  There is a fire door between the lift doors and the lobby, the front door is a fire door, then we have double fire doors from the apartment lobby to the main part of the living space (open plan kitchen/living room).  There are sprinklers fitted in this lobby area.

The double doors have magnetic holds that keep the doors open.  They don't have any visible markings on them to show they are fire complaint, is this correct?  

The intumescent strips are not continuous, they go partially behind the hinges, and are stop on each side of the door latches on the top of the door (roller catches with plastic rollers).  Any issues with this?  I cant tell if there are intumescent pads behind the hinges, or other areas, are they required?

These double doors have a circular door pull installed within each side of the door.  the metal pull has no markings on it, and I would estimate approximately 10-15mm of wood remain between the two bored out holes.  These door pulls are on both sides of both doors.

In my daughters bedroom there is an emergency escape, there are door bolts with knobs fitted within the door, one at the top one at the bottom.  The bolts do not fit into the frame, but just press against the intumescent strips.  Seems strange to have these bolts and for them to be fitted against the intumescent strips.

Final question, the ceiling is exposed millboards which should have been coated with a fire resistant lacquer.  is there anyway to test this has been applied.

Apologies for all the questions, the developer has been shown to have cut a lot of corners and so there are many many issues and questions to be answered, many thanks in advance for any help!

Pics to follow














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I'd add to the mix what exactly are the door retainers linked to in order to release the door and whatever system it is does it have suitable smoke detection either side spaced as per BS7273-4?

A fire door on a retainer is useless if it doesn't close promptly, even if linked to the sprinklers they wouldn't shut until considerable heat and smoke has passed them.

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Guest Tommy Johnson

I received a copy of the final fire plan from the developer.  The portion they sent me previously was a selection of sections that seem to back up their assertion the area is unheated.  

However there is this floor plan included in teh full report that defines the door in questions as "door on hold open".  

To me, with zero knowledge on these issues, this implies the door is intended to be kept open, but will shut when required automatically.  But the default is for it to be held open?

Anyone provide an info or opinions?

Much appreciated!


Further details on the setup if relevant 

"BS 9991:2015 Fire Safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings  Code of practice has been used as the basis for this fire strategy. The recommendations of this Standard are based largely on fire engineering principles and allow a greater degree of flexibility in the design, when compared to other standards, such as Approved Document B  Fire safety. Using this approach will result in a more efficient and cost-effective design, without compromising on fire safety."

"4.2 Automatic fire suppression

Each apartment will be provided with an automatic sprinkler system conforming to BS 9251:2014 and designed as a Category 2 system."


Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 12.34.33.png

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If the door is on a hold open, then it's a self closing fire door held open until the fire alarm sounds, or if you release it manually from the hold open it's kept shut. If you want to keep it shut you can, but if you want it open it should only be done by the door retainer (e..g not a wedge or by disconnecting the self closer). Ideally a free swing closer should have been used which allows the door to be open at any angle but will always shut - but that would have cost them a lot more!

Personally I'd never buy anything from the last 20 years as regardless of being signed off at the time a large quantity are full of fire safety defects and shortcuts - even the furore after Grenfell hasn't really stopped this. 

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