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Timber double fire door gaps


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I am currently working on a scheme of 200+ oak vaneer fire doors in an apartment  block. The doors are 7 years old and I need some advice on the 20 or so communal double doors.

The doors have been installed with no lead-in on the doors, the slave doors are square edged with 2 x 10x4 smoke intumescent strips on the leading edge. On the active master door at present on one side the gaps are around 3-4mm but on the other side the are 5-7mm. Making the gaps 4mm max on both sides won’t work because the doors simply won’t shut.

Do you think it would be acceptable to fix a timber stop on the slave door to make it rebated? This would get rid of the excessive gaps.

The only other way I can see would be to put a lead-in on the slave doors and router the intumescent back in. re-lip all the master doors and refit them. 

The doors are Premdor FD30’s oak vaneer with a chipboard core. 

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