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Small office requirements

Guest Michelle74

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Guest Michelle74

I have started to work for a small company of 13 people, we have a new office which is mostly open plan and a few offices, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 x meeting rooms.

At the moment there are is no fire alarm fitted, there is a bell but I think it has been disconnected there is a shop underneath us (our landlord) so I think it used to belong to them. I think it falls on me to get this sorted and it makes me really nervous having to plan all this and not 100% what we need.

We have fire extinguishers that are due to be checked every 12 months.

Can we just get smoke detectors fitted all around the office or do we have to have a fire alarm fitted?  I didn't want to start ordering smoke detectors if they were not enough?

I have read a few documents but to be honest I am reading different things.  

Please can anyone advise me on the minimum legal requirements we need to have?

Thank you 

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Domestic smoke detectors are not suitable for non domestic premises (other than some very limited situations in very small premises). The legal minimum standard of alarm is a manual alarm upon a person discovering a fire. In the smallest premises this can be the human voice, but where this cannot be immediately and clearly heard throughout the building an electrical system of manual call points and alarm sounders off a central panel is required. If required by layout and risk you would then layer categories of detector coverage (part of the main system, not separate) in addition as required.

Your fire risk assessment will determine what you need - official guidance is here:


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