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Frequency of fire alarm testing

Guest Edyta

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Guest RobbieMc

My company has recently purchased offices in Glasgow City Centre. Could you please confirm whether or not it is a legal requirement to have your fire alarms tested weekly. Your help would be appreciated

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From a user point, the system is required to be checked on a weekly bases (commonly referred t as the weekly bell test), this is normally carried out at the same time each week.

If you are part of a multi occupancy and the Fire Panel is controlled by others (the landlord) you should expect some form of interaction with him on a weekly bases when the testing is taking place wear he or his representative should be checking that you have heard the bells / sounders and that there are no issues to report such as concerns over sound levels.

If he is not, Have a word?

This gives the opportunity for the responsible person to confirm that the system and associated equipment (door hold open devices, door release devices etc) is capable of operating. This is carried out by operating a manual call point, Each manual call point to be used in rotation on successive weeks.

Also it give the occupants a chance to experience the alarm sounds relating to fire.

In environments with shift work a bit more management I required with additional bell checks to satisfy shift work.

The system should also be subject to a regular maintenance by a Competent Person ( fire alarm engineer) that will carry out a more in depth service and maintenance of the system. This is carried out at a minimum of 6 monthly in normal cases.

The period of 6 months may have to be shortened dependant on the environment that the system is installed into or wear subject to addition wear and tare or is being abused in any way.

Your Fire Risk Assessment should highlight the case if additional maintenance of any fire safety equipment is required.

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