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Do we have to have fire notice?

Guest YatinMunn

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Guest YatinMunn


I was wondering if you could help with a query as follows:

Is there a statutory requirement to display either a fire notice or fire alarm zoning plans publicly within a public building?


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It is a requirement to have a fire procedure or plan to instruct any relevant persons in the premises what they need to do in the event of a fire. If there is the general public present then fire notices are a good way to achieve your aims. For your employees a more detailed fire procedure should be available to them and they should be instructed on it at regular intervals. Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-emergency-evacuation-plan-or-fire-procedure/

Fire alarm zoning plan located adjacent to the fire alarm panel will help the fire service located a fire more quickly especially when there is nobody available to assists them.

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I am considering removing all fire action notices from their usual location adjacent to manual call points. The rationale is that the locations of MCPs (by stairs, doors to stairwells or by exits to open air) are the worst possible place for anyone to read them.

Instead, the notices will be fitted within all lifts, on the back of toilet cubicle doors (at head height when sitting!) and in tea points/water coller areas where staff gather. I believe this more pragmatic approach will get more 'hits' than when they are positioned by the MCPs

I cannot find any mention of fire action notices in any legislation and assume there are just 'custom and practise' left over from the FP Act 71. - Unless you can point me towards a piece of legislation that requires them??

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Employees/staff need a detailed procedure of the action to take in the event of a fire on the premises, and should be trained on it (fire drills). Displaying a copy in the areas frequented by the staff could be part of the training and regular training sessions would be essential.

However you need to consider relevant persons (visitors to the premises) and they need a short instruction of the actions they need to take. Fire notices are ideal for this but the locations you suggest would not be my choice, with the exception of the lift and adjacent to manual call points would seem to be better.

You will not find any mention of fire action notices in any legislation but it is a means of informing relevant persons what they need to do in the event of a fire.

Check out my previous submission.

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