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FD30 fire door remedial works


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Good evening,

Wanted to check something by the experts at Safe Clinics. A carpenter fitted concealed door closers inside my pannelled doors. After looking at the datasheet it transpires that concealed door closers shouldn't have been installed in them.

I have just got off the phone from a BM TRADA certified carpenter who explained that the doors can still be be used. He explained that the chain could be broken or the closer removed and the gap filled in. Does this sound legit?

So even though concealed closers have been fitted... the doors can still be compliant? Sounds to good to be true?


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This depends on the type, size and position of the concealed self-closing device.

From what you say about the advice given by the certified carpenter it seems you may be referring to an uncontrolled Perko type chain-closer with a small footprint?

If its a controlled device (with a much larger footprint) it could be that the certified carpenter is advocating that the door can be returned to a suitable condition if the concealed self-closer is removed and the void completely and tightly filled, to a high standard of workmanship, with the same materials as the door is made from.  In this case, the repair would most likely be outside the scope of the door manufacturer's certification and therefore such certification would be void.

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