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Pannelled FD30 Fire doors issues

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I am having some trouble with some fires doors and am desperate for some qualified advice.

I had a carpenter/joiner come to fit some fire doors onto existing

- The doors have been fitted and I have noticed after reading up, that the gaps round the edges some are 4 to 6mm. Is this compliant?

- I have also noticed also that the joiner has installed a concealed door closer inside 3 x 6 pannelled doors (despite the data sheet stating this is not permitted) . Will this now mean that the door isn't compliant and will have to be changed or can the closer be removed the the gap filled with some kind of fire safe filled?

- also could someone also explain in simple terms what this means... "Recessed furniture and locks must not be placed within 76 mm (3") of any rail/side joint as this will weaken the door".

Thankyou in advance.


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Have you paid them? Sounds like they have bodged it and messed up your doors! Perko's (other than one specific modeI) have been non compliant for a very long time, the gaps are a bit on the large side (unless the manufacturer has a certificate saying it passes with larger gaps than normal)


Is it rail/side joint or rail/style joint - see this picture as the latter makes more sense:

Parts of a Door: Anatomy of a Door | Marvin

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HI Anthony, sorry for the delay, thankyou for responding. Yes the 3 doors to living room and 2 bedrooms have been fitted with concealed closers (are these pekos?!) Sorry not an expert! The original doors had these so they must fitted because of that... but he obviously never read the instructions or data sheet for the door. Rail/side joint is what I mean. I don't mind getting someone to replace the 3 doors but would like some advice if the handles and latches are positioned correctly 

As you can imaging I'm not happy at all as I have seen and heard of the good work this company and the carpenters do... obviously nor in my case. In terms of reducing the gap is there any adjustments that can be done in terms of lipping or packers? I may just bite the bullet and replace 3 doors another carpenter I know has said there is some adjustments that csn be made to made to reduce the gap and more evenly. 

But if I'm honest I don't know who or what to believe anymore hence why I'm reaching out to a wide forum.

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