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Does anyone know what guidance says about using 'Push bar/pad doors?


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From Building Regulations

Door fastenings
3.91 In general, doors on escape routes (whether or not the doors are fire doorsets) should be either of
the following.
a. Not fitted with a lock, latch or bolt fastenings.
b. Fitted only with simple fastenings that are all of the following

i. Easy to operate; it should be apparent how to undo the fastening.

ii. Operable from the side approached by people escaping.

iii. Operable without a key.

iv. Operable without requiring people to manipulate more than one mechanism.

Doors may be fitted with hardware to allow them to be locked when rooms are empty. If a secure door is operated by code or combination keypad, swipe or proximity card, biometric data, etc., a security mechanism override should be possible from the side approached by people escaping.

3.92 Electrically powered locks should return to the unlocked position in all of the following situations.

a. If the fire detection and alarm system operates.

b. If there is loss of power or system error.

c. If the security mechanism override is activated. Security mechanism overrides for electrically powered locks should be a Type A call point, as described in BS 7273-4. The call point should be positioned on the side approached by people escaping. If the door provides escape in either direction, a call point should be installed on both sides of the door.


That's as specific as it gets.

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