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Old Fire Doors and Frames

Guest Jon

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I have a question regarding old fire doors and frames.  The building where I work is a place of worship and is open to the public, private members, guest, visitors and has 4 residential flats within.  The building is not grade listed and does not have an internal conservation order.  The fire doors were installed in 1958 and I believe that they are referred to now as 'notional' doors.  The doors themselves are made of solid oak with viewing panels.  The types of door are single leaf and double leaf doors (apologies if that is not the correct terminology).  At work, we have been debating as to the doors' compliance.  The condition of the the 30 doors (majority double leaves) are as follows: gaped, warped, no intumescent strips, door closers do not fully close the doors, the gaps from door to frame (top and side) is anywhere between 5-10mm, the gap from the bottom of the doors to the floor is anywhere between 10mm-20mm.  Are these doors and frames ok to be left in situ or do they need replacing or repairing?  We have been advised that the doors are fine.

I look forward to your reply



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Are the viewing panels fire resistant glazing suitably fixed and beaded? If not then the rest doesn't matter, it's not a fire door (don't forget to consider any transom above the door too)

The gaps, warping, lack of fully closing etc all mean that these will not perform in the slightest as fire doors. Whilst guidance allows older style fire doors in certain circumstances they still have to be in good working condition and to the standard of the time - which these are not!

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