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Do extinguishers have to be in holiday lets?

Guest johnGill

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Guest johnGill

We own a modern build (2006) semi detached house. It has ground floor living accommodation and a single staircase to the upper floor where there are three bedrooms. The house is gas centrally heated. There is a hardwired fire alarm with battery backup on each floor. Both ground floor access doors lead to the outside. Every room has windows that lead to the outside.

We intend to let the house for short term holiday accommodation. We are confused and concerned about the provision of Fire Extinguishers for short term tenants as they are unlikely to be trained in their use. Is there a legal obligation to provide them ?

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Your premises are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and it requires you to conduct a fire risk assessment. The DCLG considers the sleeping guide as being to onerous for small premise like yours and the guide to use is "Do you have paying guests?". You should study the whole document but the reference the fire extinguisher is as follows,

" Should I provide fire fighting equipment?

One extinguisher on each floor near the stairs and a fire blanket in the kitchen should be enough in most small premises. You will need to make sure that the instructions on how to use them are clear and that there is a warning to people not to tackle anything other than a very small fire. Evacuating the premises is the safest thing to do. You can buy suitable multi-purpose extinguishers, guaranteed for five years, from a range of larger DIY outlets. You should check the gauge regularly to make sure the ‘stored pressure’ has not leaked.

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Hi John

If you are concerned about the suitability of extinguishers for visitors that are not trained, I would suggest that you install dry water mist extinguishers. They discharge with low pressure, cause the bare minimum on collateral damage, can be used on all domestic style fire risks and do not really require any training.


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