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Is a heat detector ok near the cooker?

Guest sallyCobu

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Check out the advice from the Isle of Wight Council on domestic fire alarms.

Then check the situation in your home and decide which would be the best solution but you should not disable your fire detector it could cost you your life. Can't you keep the kitchen door closed when you are cooking as an interim solution while you are sorting out the problem.

There will be a solution depending on the layout of your home and using a combination of the three types of detector. You can check the ambient temperature at ceiling level using a domestic thermometer.

Finally have you considered getting a free home check and advice from the local fire and rescue service this should help.


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The rings on your cooker will not set off your heat detector if the heat detector is correctly located. We never had any false alarms reported to us for any of our Kidde and Ei heat alarms.


To get the earliest possible warning make sure, though, that the path of the hot air is not obstructed by beams or light fittings.


There is also a new device installed directly underneath the cooker hood to detect if the rings are left on after cooking or if a pan has boiled dry, which is helpful if you find yourself forgetting to switch off the cooker.



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Guest Kath

Our smoke dector is so over sensitive that it sends us mad. Yesterday true to form it went off when I had toast in our toaster.
Last night I left a pan of fish-bones on by mistake. The smoke detector never went off and the house is now a mess. What could be wrong with it?

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