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Can we widen fire doors to allow disabled access

Guest chrisWad

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Guest chrisWad


I work for a campaign group in Hounslow, all are members have learning disabilities. A lot of our campaigns help to make Hounslow a better place to live and work. Recently we asked a library to adjust the doors to the ladies, gents and disabled toilets so that they will be easier to use. This is a busy library and the toilets are also used by many people visiting the Citizen Advce Bureau. The doors are difficult to use for able bodied people even without carrying shopping bags, etc. they are even more difficult for disabled people, the elderly, parents with young children and prams, etc. The libraries response was that they are fire doors and they comply with health and safety regulations (bulding was built about 3/4 years ago) surely the difficulty when using these very heavy doors in a normal situation would then be enhanced and likely be a hazard when trying to escape a fire. Please could you tell me if you think the doors can be adjusted some how to make them easier to open? they already seem to have some spring mechanism on them, but they are not doing a very good job.


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It is unusual to require fire doors for toilets unless there is a fire risk in the toilets however if fire doors are required then the self-closing devices can be adjusted or swing free door closers could be fitted. It may well be a privacy problem and not fire safety one check it out with the manager. If it is fire safety one I would suggest you get a fire risk assessor to check it out to see if they are required.

Check out http://www.safelincs...g-Door-Closers/

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