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Panic bar hardware for exit in daily use


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We presently have a problem with our existing upvc 'Emergency' exit door that is fitted with an Exidor 503 series push bar that has vertical shoot bolts. This was fitted some 15 years ago and apart from being an emergency exit is used daily as it facilitates access to our car park and doubles as our disabled access.

For some time we have found it difficult to latch shut, due to users not having the knack of pushing the bar down as they pull it shut. Pulling the bar out/up as the door is closed extend the vertical bolts to the closed position which we believe has caused the mechanism in the unit to fail due to excessive wear. It would be easy for us to replace this with a new identical model but wondered if a version with vertical pullman latches ( sp. Exidor 513) might be easir to shut and thus be more appropriate given the continual use of the door.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.



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