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Fire door replacements


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Hi All, 

We have fire doors fitted to the following rooms in the property, they are quite old and we'd like to update them with new fire doors:

  • Living room - existing fire door fitted, due to be replaced
  • Front bedroom - existing fire door fitted, due to be replaced
  • Master bedroom - existing fire door, due to be replaced
  • Main entrance door - existing fire door, not being replaced

I'm getting conflicting information regarding the bathroom doors. Does the main bathroom and the en-suite require fire doors?

Regarding the kitchen, this has never had a door since owning the property, I assume the previous owners removed because of lack of space (there isn't a lot of room for a full size 762mm wide door). We would like to add a door to the kitchen and I assume this needs to be a fire door. Due to the aforementioned space limitation, what are the options for a sliding door here?

I've attached a rough floor plan showing the property layout and the placement of the existing fire doors. The property is on the first floor of a three storey building, with one flat below, and one flat above. 

Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. 

Many thanks, 


Floor_Plan (2).pdf

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Bathrooms don't need fire doors, it's clear in Building Regulations. The kitchen would, you will struggle to find a compliant sliding door solution though.



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Guest Ian Everton

AnthonyB, thank you for posting the link to the Building regs Fire Safety B. You say its clear in the regs that bathrooms don't need a fire door. I am having a discussion about this at work, cold you point me in the right direction as to where in the regs it makes this clear. I have skim read most of the regulation and cannot find it. Although in the back of my mind it has something to do with a room being habitable and multiple occupancy doesn't it?  

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