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fire extinguisher for medium sized restaurant dinig room/ kirhen, etc

Guest Manu

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Hello, what is the best fire extinguisher for restaurant? for the table area where the customers eat a 6l foam would be a good option? Whata about the bartender area and where cofee is prepared there is a lot of electrical appliances, would it be appropiate to place 2kg co2? and last but not least in the kitchen apart from a 6l wet chemical do i need a co2 extinguisher and fire blanket? am i required by law to install an alarm system + smoke alarms and hose reels? Thankyou so much for solving my doubts. Sincerely.

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Hi Manu

These days I would recommend water mist extinguishers with de-ionised water for the restaurant, bar area etc. They replace water, foam and CO2 extinguishers and are suitable for live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volt. If you have deep fat fryers in the kitchen a wet chemical extinguisher is still the best solution. 


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From your questions it's clear that you have not had a fire risk assessment carried out by a competent person, something you must do by law. This would answer every question.

You won't need hose reels.

You will need extinguishers - the size and type will be based on:
- Floor area in square metres of your premises
- Exposed surface area of the biggest fryers
- Any areas of special electrical risk.

This information would help decide how many water/CO2/wet chemical (or just water mist for simplicity)you need.

Everything but the tiniest restaurant would need as a minimum a manual fire alarm system of manual call points, sounders and control panel - depending on layout and size automatic detection would be required too.

Don't forget the emergency lighting and maintained internally illuminated exit signs too! 

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