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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there I am a landlord and my tenants are asking if the sofa is fire safe. I have asked them to look for a label, but they say they can't find one. I am having the sofa cleaned, so will look for the lable myself, but if I cant find one, how can i find out if the sofa is fire safe? I bought the sofa in approx. 2003, so its about 8 years old. It was bought from a small one off shop and is a designer Italian sofa for about £2000. Many Thanks Sharon
  2. I live in a new apartment block ( 2007) and we have a flat on the 2nd floor. There is a third floor above us. There is a central staircase which winds around the lift..There are no windows on any staircase or landings. Twice recently ,we have had lighting failures one of which lasted from Friday to Monday. There is no emergency lighting and this represents a great hazard for residents. We own our flat and the building is a mix of owners and renters. We pay management charges to the developer who are also the landlords for the rental properties. My question is this....Are the Landlords obliged to have emergency lighting in the building and if yes, then why was this not carried out during the construction. I would be obliged to know the current regulations in force ref emergency lighting. Tom
  3. How do, I recently moved in to a house in Hull - it's a 3 storey town-house. The only smoke alarm in the property is one on the first (middle) floor - but it doesn't seem to work. I have already purchased a few smoke alarms, a heat alarm and a CO alarm for the property to put up myself, but should the landlord have provided us with at least one smoke alarm? What are the rules regarding whether it should work or not? If it just needs the battery changing is that acceptable?
  4. I just moved in into a new development. The landlord is still finishing off construction works. Many things are not okay yet. My concern is that in case of emergency to escape the building there is only one entrance door to the building and it can be operated only by key lock at the moment. So if I forget to take my key with me in case of fire then I cant escape the building. I want to know is this okay for my landlord to act like this and let people move in when the most important basic building requirements are not in a proper order?
  5. From your website I see that domestic property is exempt from the fire safety legislation. I am a resident landlord with two lodgers. As such, am I also exempt? I know that I am not an HMO and believe that I am exempt. I have carried out a fire risk assessment (very low with low hazard score) but would like to know the legal position.
  6. We have asked our landlord to provide emergency lighting in all communal hallways which have stairs - he is saying that he doesn't need to provide it. Could you confirm that he should be providing this for us in the communal stairways? It is very dark and some of the offices are up two flights of stairs. Our H&S Advisor says he should provide it. Any advice would be most welcome - thank you in advance
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