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  1. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    screw holes in fire doors

    Yes. If they are short fixing holes they can be filled with acrylic wood filler then sanded and painted over. Make sure the self-closer is suitable for use on that side of the door leaf, some closers aren't suitable for the push side.
  2. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Can part of fire door be added?

    If you are installing a new 27" wide fire door, the door leaf should come with manufacturers installation instructions. These instructions should include details about the frame and will normally state minimum sectional size (such as 32mm thick x 75mm wide) and the material its made from (such softwood or hardwood). So if you need to add a 20mm thick piece of softwood (or hardwood if it's FD60) continuous along the outside of the door frame jamb, then that's OK so long as the continuous joint between the two pieces is tight with no gap. If you are using the existing door frame you first need to make sure that the frame meets the specification stated in the door leaf installation instructions. Assuming that it does, you may add a continuous piece of 20mm thick softwood (or hardwood if necessary) to the inside of the door frame jamb so long as the piece is the same full width as the existing door frame jamb and the joint between the two surfaces is tight without any gaps. Use sufficient fixings just as you would if you were fixing the jamb to the wall. When fixing the hinges to the hanging jamb I would advise using longer screws to ensure a good fixing through the 20mm thick added lining and into the existing jamb. But not so long that they pass right through the combined thickness of the lining and jamb.
  3. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Work in block of flats

    Fire door installation and maintenance contractors should be following the door manufacturers installation instructions as well as the recognised guidance documents 'Timber based fire door assemblies. Code of practice' from https://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030332501 and 'Hardware for fire & escape doors. Code of practice' from http://www.firecode.org.uk/
  4. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Fire Doors not required

    Guidance documents may provide assistance https://www.thefpa.co.uk//index.cfm?originalUrl=advice--guidance/advice--guidance_detail.fire-risk-assessment-for-small-businesses.html&_tkn=CB6A295D-2DCD-4B28-945E3904FE96D915 and https://www.gov.uk/workplace-fire-safety-your-responsibilities/fire-risk-assessments
  5. Hi Engineer, You say the door needs new glass so I am assuming its already glazed but that the glass is damaged. If so make sure the new glass is suitably fire resistant and that the repair work is completed using the correct gasket materials, hardwood bevelled glazing beads with pins/screws of the correct dimensions at the correct centres and angled towards the centre of the door core thickness. This document may be useful to you https://www.ggf.org.uk/publications/fire-resistant-glazing-publications/guide-best-practice-specification-use-fire-resistant-glazed-systems/ Do not attempt to cut an aperture for glazing to a fire door without first seeking expert advice.
  6. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Internal fire door facing communal stairs

    Get advice from your local certificated fire door inspector at www.fdis.co.uk/inspector
  7. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Fire doors for rented flats

    The guidance document 'Fire Safety at Purpose Built Blocks of Flats' will be useful to you at https://www.local.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/fire-safety-purpose-built-04b.pdf
  8. Hi. Try www.fdis.co.uk/inspector
  9. Hi Linda, There exists no data about minimum panel thickness and although panel thickness could be an issue there are other issues to consider besides this. How is the door constructed, timber stiles and rails? If so what is the size and thickness of each panel, what are the sizes of the stiles and rails? Or is it engineered construction and is it composite or timber? What is the door frame made from, PVCU or timber? It is possible for a flat entrance door to have panels and still be a fire resisting door. But its not possible to say for sure without seeing the door 'in the flesh', so if you have any doubt you should have the door inspected by a competent inspector. That person will be able to assess the door's suitability for its purpose and issue an inspection report.
  10. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Fire Door Rebate dimensions

    Could be, Tom. Either way the installer should install or perhaps should have installed in accordance with manufacturers installation instructions.
  11. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Fire Door Rebate dimensions

    Hi Gordo, From what you say it seems you have purchased new door leaves to replace existing ones damaged in a burglary and that these are to be fitted in the existing door frame. AnthonyB is correct, the usual rebate size for the meeting edges of fire doors is 13mm because they are fire-performance tested with that rebate size in the furnace to the BS 476 or BSEN 1634 test. The door leaf (or door blank) manufacturer will have produced installation instructions based on evidence from that fire performance test. Assuming the doors are being used as fire doors it is important that they are installed in exact accordance (including use of the correct door frame, seals and door hardware) with the door manufacturers installation instructions. Any deviation from the manufacturers installation instructions may invalidate fire performance certification and jeopardise fire separation performance.
  12. The certification data sheet or technical manual will provide details for hinge positions for the particular fire door. If you can find out the door type and manufacturer then contact them for advice. There are timber based fire doors that allow the third hinge to be fitted as 'two at the top' as an alternative to central to door leaf height.
  13. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    3mm gap and related questions

    If the perimeter gap is too large then a non-compliance exists. Removing the existing lipping and replacing like for like (but thicker) is one method of resolving the issue. There are others. Check with the door manufacturer with regard to retaining certification.
  14. Neil Ashdown CertFDI

    Replacing door closer on a fire door

    I would advise the owner and, given recent events, ask him for permission to carry out a fire door inspection.
  15. Hi Ben, Is it a fire door?