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Charcoal Storage


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There is a charcoal storage facility in m neighbourhood. They have stacked charcoal bags up to a height of 4-5 meters. Could anybody tell me that if there is any chance of occurring spontaneous fires there? Also please give more information on how to fight charcoal fires – I mean fires in charcoal storage facilities.

Thank you


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If the conditions are right then charcoal can be subject to spontaneous heating, it depends on which form the charcoal is involved, the level of impurities, method and quantities of storage, is the charcoal kept dry, is there a history of fires, I am afraid there is no simple yes/no answer.

Method of fire fighting is strong jets to penetrate the stack, then deal with visible flames, and finally break the stack down. There is also specialist equipment that can be used, stack drags and bunker branches for instance.

Check out good practice in charcoal protection and storage although not the same situation you describe it does give an insight into the transport, storage and distribution of loose charcoal.

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