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Adding fire-retardant or fire-extinguishing properties to perlite

Guest Sylvain Leroux

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Guest Sylvain Leroux


I dress up a wall using reclaimed wood cladding (see attached picture). The masonry wall is made of brick and plaster with fiberglass insulation.

For acoustic reasons, I will fill the cavities between the wood cladding and the wall with perlite (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perlite)


Is there something I could mix with perlite to gain fire-extinguishing or fire-retardant properties? I imagine some powder releasing CO2, azote, or capturing O2 if the cladding catches fire.

I live in France, so certain compounds are baned (notably borax and boric acid). I know potassium bicarbonate is a good source of CO2, but I don't know if this would cover my needs.  

FWIW, according to the city counselor, there are no fire regulations regarding my particular use case.



Sylvain Leroux


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Guest Sylvain Leroux

Timber fires are classified as class A, Carbon dioxide is not suitable for class A fires.

I wasn't aware of that.

I would suggest having interlinked smoke alarms to warn you well before the timber catches fire.

I planned to install smoke detectors anyway. I don't understand what are *interlinked* smoke alarms though. I will do some research in that area.

If you feel the need you could buy a fire extinguisher, but do learn how to use it before you need to use it.

That makes sense. Thanks for your reply,

Sylvain Leroux

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