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CO2 Detector beeped 4 times. However hasnt beeped since.

Guest Ethan

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We had been using some paint stripper for a DIY job in our kitchen which i admit seemed quite strong in terms of fumes. I heard the Fireangel CO9B alarm beep times then a break then again and soo on. I then hit the test button and it stopped. I opened the windows and back door to ventilate breifly and then closed the door. Around 20 mins later the alarm sounded again. At this point i open all the doors and windows and left the building to ensure i was breathing fresh air. 

I returned to the building after some time and left the doors and windows open for around 2/3 hours. Eventually i shut the doors again and once again the alarm sounded. I have recently had my gas boiler serviced (Last week) so i dont think this is the problem. At this point i opened all of the windows  once again and vacated the house. (By this time it was around 10pm). I turned off all the appliances in the kitchen which could be causing this and i stayed elsewhere for the night to allow the room to propely ventilate.

I arrived at the building this morning around 9am and their was no alarm. 

I am pretty convinced this CO detection has been as a result of the Paint Stripper chemicals used in the room that day as the alarm sounded for the first time less that 20 minutes after there application. I have never had the alarm sound for any reason before. 

What is the best suggested course of action? I am currently out of the building with a family member allowing the building to continue ventilating all day. I turned the gas heating back on for around 1 hour this morning and it did not sound the alarm. 

Would leaving the property empty but well ventilated for a couple of days be the correct action? or should i be seeking proffesional help :/.

Many thanks for your responses in advance.



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It would appear to be highly probable that the Carbon Monoxide detector activated due to the use of paint stripper. Once the property is well ventilated and the alarm is silent there is no more that can be done, but DO test the alarm by pressing its test button.

As an aside, CO2 is carbon dioxide, it is what gives "pop" its fizz    CO is carbon monoxide and is lethal.

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