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Dorgard Red Auto Release Fire Door Retainer - Keeps beeping after batteries have been replaced

Guest Boo

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Hello Boo

green-foam is correct - ONLY replaceable alkaline batteries should be used (not longlife lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries of any kind). After that, the manual is indeed our next port of call. In particular, pages 10 and 11 give a visual representation of the patterns of beeps that the Dorgard can emit as the result of an error.

From your description it sounds (excuse the pun) like the nearest match is the HiHiLo pattern which would indicate an issue related to the motor. If so, this can be caused by a worn ferrule (simple replacement) or a misalignment of the Dorgard against the door (loosen the screws, check it is correctly installed, refasten).

Another possible Three Beep Problem can be that the battery lift has not been fully screwed down. In checking this, please be careful not to overtighten the screw as doing so can damage the threads and consequently cause the very problem we are trying to solve.

In rare cases the unit itself can fail, but through good design this is always to a state of safety. If none of the prescribed solutions work, please give us a call on 0800 612 6537 in the first instance and we will fin a way to resolve your problem one way or another.


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