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Safety question regarding a faulty fire alarm

Guest Hank

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Hi there, 

We have a system of 3 alarms in our flat that are connected to the mains (an Ei3014 Heat Alarm and two Ei3016 Optical Alarms). One of the Ei3016s has developed a fault (constant false alarms that couldn't be silenced) and this necessitated the alarm being removed from its base. I obviously turned off the circuit it's connected to in order to do this safely, and the removal went fine, but whilst we're sorting out a replacement, is it safe to turn the circuit back on despite the fact there's an alarm missing currently?

I realise that might seem like a silly question, but there'd obviously be power still going to the base of the alarm that isn't currently there, and I want to make sure that's not going to cause any issues before doing anything. I'm also wondering if the other two alarms will continue to function fine in this scenario should it be safe to turn the circuit back on.

Hopefully it is fine to turn it on again as the switch on the fuse box also controls the ceiling lights, and it would be quite nice to be able to use those again! Thanks in advance for any help. 

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