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Fire alarm zone plans in HMO


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BS5839-6 states:

"17.3 Additional recommendations for control and indicating equipment for Grade A systems
The following recommendations should be met.
a) CIE for Grade A systems should meet the recommendations given in BS 5839‑1:2017, Clause 23...."


BS 5839‑1:2017, Clause 23 states:

"23.2.2 The following recommendations apply to the facilities provided for visual indication
of fire signals.

...e) On or adjacent to indicating equipment, there should be a diagrammatic representation of the building, showing at least the building entrances, the main circulation areas and the division into zones. The diagrammatic representation may comprise any of the following:
1) an illuminated mimic diagram;
2) a VDU with an appropriate back up; or
3) a printed, correctly orientated, zone plan (see 3.68)."


So yes, they should have one.

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