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flower pots and doormats a fire hazard?

Guest ChazMad

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Guest ChazMad

Can you tell me if a doormat or flower pots are considered as a fire hazard? Are UPVC door fire rated?

Do fire doors have to open outwards in main exit of flats. (4 flats - 2 ground 2 1st floor)?

Is Flotex a fire risk?

Building was built in the 80's I think

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Doormats or flower pots are not usually a fire risk but could be a tripping hazard and in the event of a fire evacuation could be very serious risk.

You can purchase fire rated uPVC fire door sets but to find out if a particular fire door is fire rated you would need to check for for any labels, documentation, or check with the manufacturer or retailer.

It depends on the number of persons likely to use the doors if it is less than 60 then it may be acceptable to have an final exit door opening to the inside.

Flotex I am not familiar with the product you should check with the retailer or manufacturer.

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A single dwellings is not covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and only the common areas of blocks of flats are covered. So in a single dwelling its up to the head of household and door mats are unlikely to cause a trip hazard to his neighbours. In a block of flats the commons areas are covered by legislation and a doormat in the common areas (escape routes) may cause a tripping hazard, causing a neighbour to fall. The guidance also says, Suitability of escape routes, should be free from any obstructions, slip or trip hazards. Check out page 66 General Principles, http://www.communiti...firesafetyrisk4 will explain it more fully.

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