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Dead end corridor


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I am conducting a fire risk assessment, and have a set of 1st floor offices, two exit stairwells, one at the end which is protected, and the other is part way down, leaving two offices and a tiny office with only one escape route which is only about 8 meters to the top of the stairs. There is a door a few meters back from the stairs, but not fire resisting. 

None of the doors onto the corridor are fire resisting, but the section with two escapes has fire doors at each end before each set of stairs. 

I'm thinking that the dead end section could be satisfied with the installation of automatic detection to the corridor, stairwell and exit lobby downstairs, considering the short distance, the low risk in the offices and that there are only two staff regularly occupying the area. 


To make the doors fire resisting would require the wall to be replaced as its a steel partition with polycarbonate glazing, so thats what I'm trying to avoid.

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