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Do we need a fire exit at my work place?

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I am a lone worker at my office. The office is situated on the ground floor of a 5 story apartment block and the block has cladding. My office is a very small L shaped office, and my desk is approximately 2 meters from the entrance. The toilet and kitchen are to the right of my desk, along a narrow corridor 1 meter apart, and corridor length 14meters (hence the Lshape, if it makes sense) if I was in the toilet or kitchen and there was a fire at my desk I would be trapped as we do not have a fire exit. 

Is there a legal requirement for my work to make this place safe and provide us with a fire exit? Please help. 


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Your normal entrance is a fire exit, and if the distance from the furthest part of the office to the exit is less than 18m (possibly going up to 25m in new guidance) then it's compliant.

The kitchen and toilet sound like inner rooms so there should be smoke detection in the main office (the access room) so that you would be alerted early enough to pass any fire in order to escape.

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