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LD2 Alarm - HMO Bedrooms

Guest SAM_80

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Hi all, 

With regards to the fire alarm requirements for a two-storey HMO (Less than 200sqm per storey) can you advise how you would interpret the LD2 alarm standard as per BS5839-6?

BS5839-6 dictates detection should be installed in the means of escape, heat detection in the kitchen and smoke detection in the principle habitable room (i.e. lounge) and high risk rooms. My take on this has always been that this should include the bedrooms as in my view, these ARE the principle habitable rooms (where occupants would spend the most time) in a house of Multiple Occupation and thus they also present the higher risk of fire. 

Would just like to know if others have interpreted this the same way?

I have always recommended detection in HMO bedrooms however i currently have a very unhappy landlord who seems to think I am being unreasonable in my recommendations. 


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You could go with the HMO fire safety guidance that is still used by enforcers (LACORS) which doesn't recognise this new <200 sq.m. category (because it's old, it is under review, but not likely to be updated in the near future it's still a way to go).

It's a clear reduction of the original requirements that were for cover everywhere.

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