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what's the name of the metal round silver thing? and how to reduce the sound? Alarm Sensor

Guest samsimon2021

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Guest samsimon2021


1 What’s the name of the round silver metal part (that generate sound)?

2 I’ve tried to reduce the noise sound, by covering this part with scotch tape, foil, painters tape, rubber, cotton balls…. But it’s still super loud, I bought it to use on my fridge, the door occasionally doesn’t close all the way… I don’t need super loud alarm noise, I need it to be just small alarm noise… Is there any decent way to reduce the noise of this thing?

3 It seems whatever touches it (round silver metal part) amplifies the alarm sound…. But I still need to get it in the box and function properly, just need to reduce the sound… I already tried to glue gun the area on the box, it doesn’t help… I need directly to reduce the sound that comes out of this silver round metal thing, especially when it touches something/attached to anything/goes inside the box…

thanks a lot




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