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Perko door closers on blocks of flats? Are they compliant?


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One of my colleagues has pointed out that perko style concealed door self-closers are now non compliant.  I have looked at ADB volume 1 (2019 edition with 2020 ammendments) as I am dealing with blocks of flats & sheltered housing with flats opening onto escape routes.  I could not find anything in there to say that they were not now unnaceptable, or if they should be removed retrospectively.

I understand new builds having overhead closers, but should I be advising that Perko style closers be fitted retrospectively to buildings that had these doors fitted following guidance from the time they were built?  I am writing up an FRA at the moment for a 1988 built sheltered scheme and the suggestion is I should be asking for all doors to flats to be fitted with overhead closers and disengaging the concealed closers.

If this is the case, is there any guidance or legislation I can quote to bolster the argument?  I did not recommend this in the first draft of my FRA, but mu colleague has suggested I add this in.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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ADB is a design guide not a risk assessment guide for existing premises. Risk assessment guidance contains what you are looking for regarding Perkos
For flats use:


For sheltered housing use:

https://www.nationalfirechiefs.org.uk/write/MediaUploads/NFCC Guidance publications/NFCC_Specialised_Housing_Guidance_-_Copy.pdf

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