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Enforcement in a block of private and rented flats

Guest Mikeman

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Guest Mikeman


What fire safety law applies to a privately owned flat in  a block where other flats are rented? I know the fire safety order applies to communal areas, but what about inside the flat? I am thinking of poor fire stopping to the other flats. Can anything be done to force the privately owned flat to improve their fire stopping to prevent a  fire spreading to the other flats?

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The Fire Safety Order is grey in it's ability to enforce issues in this area. Government Guidance is that the Housing Act (which covers all parts of houses and flats, owner occupied or rented) is used for enforcement.

I've used Enforcement Notices under the Housing Act issued by local council EHO's for fire safety matters inside flats (doors, vents, floors, walls) that would affect the rest of the premises in the past where the Fire Safety Order is too weak.

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