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Fire Doors to flats in PPB.


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  I have written on this topic before.

But in September of last year (just after I had left my flat to go overseas) the service agents of this Purpose Built, 30 year old block of 34 flats over Ground, First and Second floors with 6 separate entrances and 3 stair cases, received a Door assessment, following a FRA.

The Fire door assessors appear to have checked each door (but could not check mine as I was away). As I understand it my door failed the test !!

My door is an original door in perfect condition, in the original Frame.

I attach images of the door and strips, and Perko chain (which by the way works as it should and will close the door across the roller lock, from 20cms open.

I can appreciate that the Hinges do not conform to the latest requirement and will need changing, and maybe some Fire proof strips placing under the new Fire rated ones.

The intumescent strips are all perfect, albeit some gaps for lock and hinges. The door closes with correct gaps. I can see there is no intumescent strip along the bottom edge of the frame.

The 47 mm door itself has a metal plug half way up which has been painted over, over the years, but still visible when I scratched the paint off.

All interior doors in the flats also have plugs in every door, as well as Perko chains and Strips.

I am assuming that the plugs indicate a Fire door, but do bot know anything else about them  (colour is greeny/blue)


We have been given until end June to either get the doors done ourselves or the service company will arrange for the work to be done, which I am told will simply be replacing the doors and adding closers.

The buildings are alarmed for Fire with central alarm system without sprinklers.

But instead of a `Get Out` policy a new regime of Stay Put  is being introduced and the Alarm system decommissioned...

Given what I have said and the images attached, would I be allowed to change the hinges, put smoke strip along the bottom edge of the door and put an outside top door closer on, and my door should then pass any tests?? 


Just an extra note....one of the leaseholders has already had his door changed (by a competent fitter !!) . They had to knock a big hole into the interior flat wall to accomondate an internal top door closer (see pic of my frame, with what would be same issue), the have fitted a new lock with no locking mechanism inside, fitted new plastic looking strips in the door frame, new Huge hinges x3, and also included a Perko chain. Result of all that lot is that the door will not close over the lock, (doesnt even get that far), a botched wall, and had to replace the ceiling above the door again to accommodate the internal closer,a total disgrace, and the fitter has told the tenant that it is OK !!!!

This is why I do not want to allow any botch merchant near my flat.

Look for any comments please


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The white & green plug shows that door is a BWF certified Fire Check Door of 30 minutes stability & 20 minutes integrity that does not need separate intumescent strips as they are integral to the construction of the door located underneath the lipping.

The white & blue plug shows that door is a BWF certified Fire Door of 30 minutes stability & integrity that does need separate intumescent strips in the doorframe.

This system was used under fire doors under the old BS 476 Part 8 1972 standard where Integrity Failure is deemed to occur when cracks or other openings exist through which flames or hot gases can pass or when flaming occurs on the unexposed face & Stability Failure is deemed to occur when collapse of the specimen takes place.

Current standard doors are measured by Integrity Only so the white/green doors would now be classed as FD20 doors for internal use in a flat and the white/blue door FD30 for the front door needing cold smoke seals as well as intumescent strips.

Perko chains were accepted at the time but as they can't be adjusted they are unreliable and so usually should be replaced with proper closers. I very much doubt the fitters mentioned are competent if they are putting Perko chains in new doors! 

Other than some minor changes your doors seem fine and unless they are willing to pay to change them themselves may not be able to compel you to (especially as the door wasn't inspected) as some leaseholders found out when they took their freeholder to tribunal over fire door works and charges and won!

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