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HMO Fire Doors

Darren 1066

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I live in a HMO and I am concerned for the safety of not only myself but the other tenants that live here.

My questions are;

1  Can you add timber strips to a fire door to make the door fit a frame?

As this has been done to two of the fire doors in the property that i have noted.

2 The threshold gaps under fire doors what are the allowable sizes?

There are fire doors here with gaps underneath of at least 25mm up to 50mm is this Legal?

3 Door closures

All the door closuers on the fire doors slam the fire doors this has resulted in the panels in the fire doors cracking allowing me to see light through the fire doors. Is there a regulation regarding the closures fitted to fire doors?

4 Fire panel Inspections

I know that the panels should be inspected at least every 24 hours but shouldn't there be a log of some sort so I can check that the inspections are being carried out.

Thank you in adavnce for any answers posted.



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Have you spoken to the landlord and/or the council who are responsible for these premises, you could also contact the local fire service, fire safety department.

You will need evidence and as items 1 2 3 all relate to the standard of the fire doors therefore you need them inspecting by a competent person like a member of FDIS and get an inspection report.

I assume you mean the fire alarm panel when you refer to the panels, however I am not aware of any 24hr inspection, there are inspections required by the guidance and a logbook is required, check out BS5839.

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