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HMO Fire Alarm testing

Guest HMO Landlady

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Guest HMO Landlady

We have just installed a grade A fire detection system with Control Panel in an HMO.
I’m not sure what advice we should give to tenants about if the alarm goes off apart from evacuating the building if there is a fire. Specific concerns are: 
How do we ensure they don’t treat it as a false alarm when it is a real alarm? 
Are we supposed to give them the ability to silence and reset the system  ( for false alarms) presumably thus risking them overriding the alarm in the event of a fire?
With thanks in anticipation

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You should avoid letting tenant's reset the system, however unless there is a rapid key holder response to reset it there is a risk they could damage the system trying to silence it.

You can't stop them ignoring an alarm - they do retain responsibility for their actions (Or lack of)

They should evacuate (& contact a keyholder who can reset). If the system has been correctly designed and installed for a HMO then false alarms other than malicious call point use should be rare - there are purpose made systems for HMO's designed to reduce the disruption from alarms raised within units as oppose to common parts.

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