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I live in a block of flats , 3 flats ground floor , 3 flats first floor . Electric meter cuboards are beside each flat door in communal area hallway . Meter cuboards aren’t supposed to be used for storage of things , due to fire risk   however , is it ok if parcels are delivered there which remain there for short period of time there’s  no other way to receive parcels food essentials My understanding is there needs to be some allowance for circumstances , such  as removals people jamming fire doors open in order to be able to bring furniture in and out of properties during home removals for example , and the one given above .

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You need to speak to the Responsible Person ( Freeholder or the person who is responsible for the FRA) and find out his/her views. Most deliver services usually have facilities to say what should they do if you cannot receive the parcel, consider leaving it with a neighbour. 

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Thinks for reply . I’m disabled and can not reach parcel etc unless it’s left in the meter cupboard . This is my life line . Nothing is stored in there permanently , anything in there is momentary . Can someone shed some light . I have bullying neighbours who are permanently in breach of fire safety for no reason other than being anti social . These same peolle are trying to make it I possible for me to access my urgent parcels by trying to get me in trouble for having things left in there briefly .

the landlord in the council . We are all renters .

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