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Unmarked fire exits


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Hi all, Newbe here.

I have a great interest in fire safety and policies. I look forward to asking questions and hopefully answering a few too.


A question please. A block of 61 flats, 3 floors. A fire exit with a typical push bar exits one side of the building. 30 feet away, we have a double sided wrought iron gate (victorian). It has been padlocked by the leasehold residents for years due to people taking short cuts over gardens, kids playing football etc. Now it has been decided this gate is to be used as a fire exit to the next street. The chain has been cut off and the gate is now easy to open and enter.


I do not believe this was the proper thing to do, thinking that a fire exit sign should have been placed on the gate to designate it as such.


Any ideas or comments appreciated.


Thank you

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In residential blocks escape routes in everyday common use that are the only route out (e.g. in a single stair block) then signage isn't required. Where there are multiple routes and/or routes not in common use they should be signed at changes of direction & level and over doorways and similar that must be passed through.

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