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Weekly tests with smoke vent call points?


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Hi all, I signed up today after lurking around this forum for the great info it's provided as I have a question

A brief summary: I've been helping a professional with documentation and other on-site efficiency for the FRAs of a property management company's properties for the last few years. This company has started conducting their weekly fire tests and has just appointed me as the responsible person for the weekly tests of all their properties.

I'm used to most systems now, but as I understood it, the only requirement was to set off alternating red MCPs for the weekly check. However I came across one property with no red MCPs, and instead these orange Smoke Vents (pictures links at end).

I've never seen these before and don't know how they work, but I assume they need testing similar to the MCPs at other properties. My question is do they need testing, and if so how are they set off and reset? Some have these "silence" and "test" buttons on the bottom with no obvious slot for a key, and others a cover over with a large button in the middle with small keyholes.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can't test these until I know how to set them off and shut them up.




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