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One hour fire protection to floors

Guest Steve

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Hi, I've been discussing with building control whether or not it's feasible to convert the loft of our 1998 townhouse and meet fire safety requirements.

Others on our estate appear to have done it only through one fire protected enclosed stairwell, but I can't see how this meets Approved Document B without a misting system. There's no room for another staircase.

Anyhow, building control said that they would insist on a one hour fire rating throughout the house, and mentioned another part of the building regs. I've not managed to trace the reference, nor do we want to renovate all the floors that have just been refurbished.

So I was wondering what the inherent fire protection would be to a 1998 floor construction, and whether it would actually be necessary to disturb all the finishes to improve it?

It would be great to hear about any examples of successful loft conversions of townhouses.

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