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Riser FD with cladding


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Firstly its a commerical site open to the public, i have numerous 30min fire doors on risers that have been over cladded with 18mm MDF.

I'm unable to check gaps between frame and the door leaf etc, however in my opion cladding a fire door with MDF could compromise the integrity of the door.

I don't know how they are fixed, however in my opion MDF burns at differnt rate than the fire door, so surly this shouldn't be allowed?

Am i right or wrong?

any opions on this people?

MDF 18mm cladding on FD.png

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The overboarding isn't on the risk side of the door so not as much of an issue as it could be - if a certified doorset however if may invalidate certification.

We have a fire door specialist who supports the forum so you should get a better answer in due course.

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