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Floor fire risk

Guest Boxergirl

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Guest Boxergirl


I currently rent a flat with a housing association.

The floor is in need of repair as floorboards are loose and gaps around the floors.

My concern is there is a huge 4 inch gap between the flooring and tue concrete underneath.

I believe no screed was out down when the flats were built, something which the housing Association won't admit to.

I'm concerned this is a fire risk as i have lived here for 17 years and the flooring has never been checked even though some flats built on a different block the concrete under thefloors are acually starting to crack.


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I see this as a construction problem not a fire risk, I have been to many fires and the floors where not affected by a fire on that floor, only if it starts on the floor below which can breach the ceiling then floor above, as this is a concrete floor the chances would be low.

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