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In Escape Route or Not ?


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I have 4 x 1-person flats off a 9m long communal corridor.

Off the corridor, I have a stacked washer/dryer for communal use.

My LA has advised that the washer/dryer are IN the escape route (even though they are in an area to the side and do not extend in any way into the corridor).

They have advised that the washer/dryer must be placed inside a compartment with FD30 fire door and (yet another) interlinked fire alarm - there are already 2 in the 9m long corridor and also in every flat - all linked.

So, my question is - are these appliances within the escape route or not - advice welcome.

Drawing attached.


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Thank You for your reply.

The stupid thing is that while these flats were let for holiday use, they did NOT have an issue.

Now we are thinking of residential lets, the issue has come up.

If a fire broke out, people on holiday would be more disorientated in a strange place yet these appliances were fine - whereas tenants would soon become familiar with the property but they need more safeguarding.

Strange world lol

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