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Securing a Fire exit


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I’m after some advice.I’m new to all this.

I have an autistic boy who has zero sense of danger so we have to have everything locked. everything

Social worker and occupational therapist have told us we need move ASAP.

However a flat has been offered but there is a fire exit which leads from the communal play area (which he will use daily) to another door which is also a fire exit which then is into main road. he can navigate this and escape. 

my problem is how can this be made secure. I think I know the answer but like I said I am no expert. 

keeping him safe is very important but very tricky as he can escape easily from unsecured places. 

many advice or suggestions would be great.



one stressed mum ?


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There may be possibilities, assuming the play area is outside, but without seeing it I can't go much beyond that. It's not an absolute no although beware of housing associations, councils and landlords who will quote 'fire regs' as an excuse not to try and find a solution.

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