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What type of door and lock for exit doors?

Guest Durham

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Can you please help me understand what sort of external door and especially lock can be used for a multiple occupancy residence?

I live in a single building where we have one only external escape door for three (3) flats. The single exit external door has a single ordinary key in a key hole lock. For the last 10 years I have been asking for the door to be replaced and the key lock mechanism to be changed to be what I understand is fire safety compliant. 

Essentially, if I and the other three flat occupiers needed to get out in a hurry due to a fire - and the single corridor leading to the single exit door was smoked filled and it difficult to see - then we couldn't get out - because we would have to find a key to the external exit door to unlock it.
I have tried to make do over the last 10 years - by putting a hook at the bottom frame of the exit door and hanging the exit door key on it, so that people could fumble around at the bottom of the door and hopefully find the key and then fumble around to try and find the door key lock in order to unlock the exit door and escape.
Until recently we had a 100 yo lady upstairs who would have had no chance of getting out alive, and even I and my wife and 70yo would have difficulty.
I have also been concerned that although a couple of fire extinguishers have been put in - (a) one in the internal hallway - and one upstairs outside the upstairs flat - both of the fire extinguishers are just left sitting on the floor and are not in any secure raised level holder - and worse - they have had plastic 'tamper' tags secured to the usage mechanism - that unless you have a knife or pair of scissors readily available (which are not) - I certainly know that neither I nor my wife nor our older neighbour would have any chance of breaking the tamper proof plastic chord!! to be able to use the fire extinguisher. All in all , I am concerned that our Landlord is simply not interested and regrettably his building manager is either just doing what he is instructed by the Landlord or not taking sufficient care and responsibility to ensure that we are fire safety compliant.
Even though I have looked at your website for answers - I have not been able to find the answers I need to these questions and many more. 
Could you please in particular tell me what sort of external fire door needs to be installed AND what sort of external fire door exit LOCKING mechanism needs to be installed - so that I have some chance of raising the issue with the Building Manager and having him do something.
Thank you in advance

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Firstly the fire extinguishers should not have been put in - Government Guidance for flats says they should not be provided and where present should be removed - once you have escaped from your flat into the safety of the common area you shouldn't be going back in with an extinguisher, also the extinguishers often placed in common areas are traditionally unsuitable or even dangerous if used on many of the causes of domestic fires. Users aren't trained and also may struggle with the weight.

The tamper tag is meant to be fitted and does break by hand (especially if you twist the pin to break it rather than just pulling). They should also be identified by signs and best practice is to wall mount them or place them on stands.

I would be concerned that the Fire Risk Assessment carried out by your landlord/agent is not suitable & sufficient (if carried out at all) as your site is missing key requirements whilst adding others that for nearly 10 years have been debunked as not appropriate.

Usually the main entrance lock would be changed to one of these:  https://www.screwfix.com/c/security-ironmongery/cylinder-locks/cat810288?cylinderproducttype=thumbturn&cylinderprofiletype=euro

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